Tuesday - Saturday
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Event Hours Vary

Located in historic Downtown Denton, just a half block off the beautiful Courthouse Square, on the corner of N. Elm and Pecan Streets, in the John B. Schmitz building (circa 1878).

Functions as a Learning Lab for the students of the College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism (CMHT) to connect their classwork to real learning experiences to prepare them for the industry.

Offering a variety of events and exhibitions, with a curated retail boutique of uniquely Denton and UNT-inspired goods, and event rental venue.



Facility Rental


Rental Type 1-4 hours* 4+ hours* Additional Fees
UNT Events $150 $300 Basic AV included
UNT Student Events $120 $240 Basic AV included
Non-Profit Events $150 $300 AV $30
Community Events $300 $600 AV $30
Sponsored Events Waived Waived Basic AV included $50 cleaning fee for catered receptions
Cleaning Fee for catered receptions     $50
Events scheduled past 9:00 pm     $100 additional per hour
Security Guard when required by UNTPD     $100 minimum $30/hour**
*pricing includes on-site building attendant
**refer to UNTPD for specific scheduling requirements

AV includes:
Podium with speaker
Wireless microphone
Portable speaker
55” TV monitor
HDMI cable
Guest WiFi access codes for use during the event – request prior to the event





Kristen Kendrick Bigley
Director, The CoLaboratory
UNT on the Square